What services does Sky Pirates offer?

We specialize in FUN! and it begins with your FREE Banana Boat ride to the parasail vessel. Parasailing Pirates offers parasailing flights and Banana Boat rides.

Do we need reservations?

Reservations are recommended for parasailing but we do accept walk-ups if space is available. You'll want to call 850-837-5797 or book online to assure a spot..

How far in advance should we make our reservation?

Typically, we run a couple of days in advance during the peak season.

When is the best time to parasail or banana boat ride?

Usually, and it does vary, but usually the morning surf is calmer and the winds are lighter. We often get afternoon showers in the summer.

Who drives the boats?

Sky Pirates captains are USCG licensed, CPR/First Aid certified and have years of accident-free performance. The safety of our guests is their primary objective.

How many people can parasail at the same time?

We can fly single, doubles or triples; you parasail side-by-side. Parasailing weight restrictions vary with wind conditions but usually have a minimum weight of about 100 pounds and a maximum of 450 pounds per flight.

HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN go for a banana boat ride AT THE SAME TIME?

A maximum of six people. Typically, kids and teenagers have the most fun since it tends to bob and weave.

How long am I up in the air parasailing?

You are up in the air parasailing for about 12-15 minutes; this is the longest ride on the Florida Panhandle.  The boat ride lasts less than an hour so you are not out on the boat for hours waiting for a bunch of others to complete their turns.

How high do I fly?

Sky Pirates uses 800 feet of line to parasail which puts you at a height of around 400 feet depending on weight and wind conditions.

Can spectators come along on the boat?

Yes, for a fee, if space is available; upgrades are available if a spectator changes their mind and wants to parasail.

How do we get to and from the parasail boat?

We use a fun and exciting BANANA BOAT taxi to transport you.  We provide you with a life vest before entering the water.

How do we get up in the air?

Parasailing Pirates uses a hydraulic winch system custom made for parasailing.  You take off from a seated position and land in a standing position.  In the unlikely event of boat malfunction, you slowly drift down to the water wearing a life jacket.

Is there a physical fitness requirement?

Yes, parasailing or riding is not recommended for those who are pregnant or who have back or neck problems, or those who have had back or neck surgery.

What happens if the boat quits working?

In the unlikely event of a mechanical malfunction, participants are lowered into the water and retrieved by another boat.

Do you offer photos of our trip into the wide blue yonder?

Yes, we take about 15 digital photos throughout your boat trip with a 35MM camera with a zoom lens. We post them on Flickr and shoot you an email with the link.

HOW what is your cancellation policy?

You must call 850-837-5797 by 6:00PM the day before your scheduled trip to receive a refund. Otherwise, there is a $25 per person cancellation fee.